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So I haven't written in here for a bit.

I suppose I should update those of you that still read this.

I have been moving around a bit, due to circumstances beyond most of my control.

But you may have seen that in the last posts that I did.

We finally found a roommate, and he has moved in. I have known him for about a year and a half, and Shadow has known him for a few years. Things are getting settled.

I started work back with the union in February, and have been working for Sprig Electric. One nice thing about this particular shop is that when a 'contract' ends they don't send you back to the hall. They moved me from my first posting at Sun Power in San Jose, to Google. The only downside to working at Google was that I was working nights, which sorta played with my social life. After that one ended, I was sent to the shop and became a route driver, working the East Bay and Pleasanton / Walnut Creek area. (I loved the driving.) Now they have sent me to a new job site, Maxim HQ which turns out to be just across the street from where Sun Power is. Although I am currently split between Maxim (which I love), and a place in Santa Clara called Terremark. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I am at Maxim, Tuesdays and Thursdays I am at Terremark. I don't mind moving between the two job sites all that much, but it is a bit of headache to have to do 'double' work at each site for the days that I am not there.

Life is pretty good. I have been with my mate, Shadow for just shy of two and a half years now.

Anyways, what had prompted me to post here again, is that I have come into a number of patch cables, and was wondering if anyone out there was in the market for some. I was hoping to maybe sell them all to a company or something. I have quite a few of them.

Here is a list of what I have:

Panduit UTPCH8GR 8ft Cat5E QTY: 500
Panduit UTPCH6GR 6ft Cat5E QTY: 100

The price that I have found on-line for the 8ft ones are $8.66, and the 6ft ones are $7.55. I am open to negotiation.

If you are within the San Francisco South Bay Area, I can deliver. If outside that area we would have to discuss shipping options.

I also have some wall plates and wall mount boxes for network jacks, also Panduit brand.

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With LiveJournal crashing and 500ing as much as it has over the last week or three, I have decided to try out Dreamwidth.

I am also trying out the cross-posting abilities of Dreamwidth.

I don't know which I will stick with, but we will see.

Now, I have imported everything that I could from LJ, but I haven't 'given access' to anyone yet. So if you are reading this and want access, let me know in the comments (comments have been screened).

Now this isn't to say that I will add you directly to my 'give access' list. If I don't, please don't take it as an offense to you. I don't really know what more to say.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to ask (re-ask) to 'subscribe' to your own 'journal'. Again, let me know in the comments.

If you are seeing this, after say like September of 2011, it is because my posts are locked private to those that I know well enough to let into my little world.

If you would like to receive an invite, just ask and we can go from there. If you don't ask, I can never say yes.

- Steeleheart Buran
'For those who believe,
No explanation is necessary.
For those who do not,
None will suffice.'
- Dunninger -
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Saw Alpha and Omega (in 3-D) last night. As i was told, very cute and furry. but, somewhat stupid in parts. There were a few times that they could have done without the 3-D. but overall a decent movie.

Would I pay $15 bucks to see it again? Only if it was to pick up the Blu-ray copy. I believe that it may be out in the stores by christmas. There were only four other people in the theater besides the group of 8 that I was with. Granted it was a 10:15pm showing.
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No explanation is necessary. ;
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Thanks to all who met up with us at to watch the SF Pride Parade. Had a wonderful time. Shot almost 1400 pics and five movies (mostly the ones of the drummers and other 'corps', so that I could get the sound too. -- I love a good drum corps.)
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Will be leaving San Jose early to catch BART from Fremont up to the city.

Shadow and I will be heading toward the FedEx Office at 726 Market St. for the watching of the parade. We plan on arriving there around 9:30 or so. I invite any and all that would like to meet up to come join us. (We already have a couple of other people showing up there.)
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